//10 Questions// with Heidi Ewing

//10 Questions// with Heidi Ewing

//10 Questions//

With Heidi Ewing. Heidi is a Director/Producer/ETC., known for Jesus Camp (2006), Freakonomics (2010) and Detropia (2012). Check out Heidi’s website at http://lokifilms.com/

1. If you were a fruit or vegetable what would you be?
Daikon radish – crunchy and delicious and great with hottie sauce. Just like me!

2. What did you envision your life to be like when you were 30? Are you there?
I guess I’m there (except for one Oscar on my shelf!).

3. What book or film is on your mind today?
I still can’t get over how bad “Jobs” was. Aaron Sorkin gets a free pass for some reason whenever he writes anything even though The Social Network was the last decent thing he scripted.

4. If you had a soundtrack to announce you before you entered the room what would it be?
Boogie Nights soundtrack for sure – let’s dance, people.

5. What is your motto?
The opposite of love is indifference. Don’t get entangled in hate.

6. What’s your elevator pitch?
Would you mind hitting the 10th floor? And – do you happen to have 2.5 million dollars for my Mexican feature?

7. If you had a budget of $250,000 what would you make today?
A claymation or animated short.

8. If you had a budget of $25,000,00 what would you make today?
A VR short.

9. Who would you hire to write your biography?
Lena Dunham.

10. Who is your hero?
Angela Merkel.


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