//10 QUESTIONS// with Ingrid Jungermann

//10 QUESTIONS// with Ingrid Jungermann

//10 Questions//

With Ingrid Jungermann Writer/Director/Actress/Producer/ETC.

Along with several short films, Ingrid co-created the acclaimed web series THE SLOPE, and created the WGA-Nominated web series F TO 7TH, featuring Amy Sedaris, Michael Showalter, Gaby Hoffmann, Olympia Dukakis and Janeane Garofalo. Her work has screened at various film festivals around the world, including Rotterdam International Film Festival, Los Angeles Film Festival, Outfest and Frameline. Ingrid was one of Filmmaker Magazine’s 25 Faces of Independent Film, Out Magazine’s 100 People of the Year and Go Magazine’s 100 Women We Love. She earned her MFA at NYU Graduate Film School, where she received the Spike Lee Production Grant and the King Screenwriting Award. Ingrid is currently in post-production for first feature film, a dark comedy called WOMEN WHO KILL, which was selected for the Tribeca All-Access Program and the IFP Emerging Narratives Lab, and is in development for a television version of F TO 7TH.

Ingrid Jungerman1. If you were a fruit or vegetable what would you be?
French lentils!

2. What did you envision your life to be like when you were 30? Are you there?
I thought I would be less broke and more successful. I am currently still broke and moderately successful. Forty is the new 30 right?

3. What book or film is on your mind today?
Promethea. And Repulsion and Persona because I always confuse them.

4. If you had a soundtrack to announce you before you entered the room what would it be?
NASA’s recordings of Saturn. Creepy and cool.

5. What is your motto?
I’ve been trying to wake up every morning with a smile and a thank you. I forget to do it a lot because I’m checking my phone for news that never comes.

6. What’s your elevator pitch?
I tell a joke and if the person laughs, I think maybe we would be good collaborators. It’s like how I approach dating.

7. If you had a budget of $250,000 what would you make today?
A VR web series.

8. If you had a budget of $25,000,00 what would you make today?
A feminist sci-fi or a monster movie.

9. Who would you hire to write your biography?
Sharon Olds.

10. Who is your hero?
Hermaphroditus. One can dream.


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