Livin’ The Dream – Literally!

Livin’ The Dream – Literally!

A lot has been happening this winter! We are fleshing out Season 2 of Livin’ the Dream and are still lucky enough to be presenting Season 1.

Next month Livin’ the Dream will screen at two truly fantastic (Trump worthy bragging rights here, people) web series festivals:

And today we are launching our periodic //10 Questions// column.

We all wear many hats in this life. I am a writer/producer/painter/working mom/etc. My sister, Kimbo, is a director/writer/producer/dp/etc. We are asking friends and colleagues whose multifaceted careers we admire 10 fun/silly/questions about themselves.

First up, Ingrid Jungermann creator of popular web series F TO 7TH and THE SLOPE.

See our next blog for all the details!

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